I prefer to use lightweight programs rather than programs taking lots of resources. The programs heavy on resources today (web browsers, webapps, electron apps) are worse than the native apps in features.

I want to keep the resources for my data or my processing, for example:

  • developing hash table using few GB of data
  • running virtual machines
  • compiling code in parallel
  • keep using my devices for at least 10 years

Small programs are good because they:

  • use few resources
  • are stable
  • run in terminals and can be run from anywhere
  • are high performance

It is best when the programs are coded in C because it makes them lightweight and high performance.

Some examples of small programs I use:

  • w3m: terminal web browser
  • st: suckless terminal
  • coreutils ls, find, cat, less, grep,...
  • ssh, scp
  • rsync
  • mutt: email client
  • mc, ranger: directory navigators
  • vim: text editor
  • gdb: debugger