NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
versionVersioning specification based on semver 2.0 Remy Noulin2019-12-23 15:14
netSerialserializer producing compact bitstreams Remy Noulin2019-10-27 16:37
systemSetupsystem setup, configuration and dotfiles Remy Noulin2023-04-06 07:40
ervyBring charts to terminal. Remy Noulin2020-04-12 10:19
perfecthashperfect hash code generators Remy Noulin2022-08-04 05:17
sortsort algorithms for any type of array Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:44
boxenCreate boxes in the terminal Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:40
treetree data structures Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:44
wavlTreewavl tree: weak AVL Tree Remy Noulin2018-12-29 19:40
linkedListtype-safe double linked lists Remy Noulin2019-09-01 09:03
hashfunctionsgeneric hash functions and PRFs: Jenkins, FNV, siphash Remy Noulin2019-05-22 15:46
hashlisttype-safe random access double linked lists Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:41
singleListtype-safe single linked list with less memory allocations Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:43
staticListmacros of double linked list with defined maximum length supporting any type, this list doesnt use malloc Remy Noulin2019-06-29 08:32
git-offgit off handles large files in git repos Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:41
setset with hash function Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:43
emian emoji cli Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:41
easydoneitCTuiEasydoneit Terminal UI Remy Noulin2020-04-19 09:39
emojiemoji list in a C header Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:41
nonstoprun a command and start it again when it finishes Remy Noulin2019-06-29 08:31
morphmorph command searches functions in files and replaces them with the given functions, when the parameters change order both function declaration and function calls are changed Remy Noulin2019-06-29 08:30
liveserversimple live web server for local developments Remy Noulin2022-12-11 09:45
bcryptbcrypt with a threadpool Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:39
sha256Simple C SHA256 implementation. Author: Brad Conte Remy Noulin2019-06-29 08:29
wsWebsocket frame builder and decoder (no transport) Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:44
signalTimersimple timer using SIGALARM Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:43
zrleCompress zeros using Run Length Encoding Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:44
objectsobjects in c Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:42
printfRGBadd %k and %K type specifier to GNU printf for RBG colors Remy Noulin2018-06-02 12:17
hashtablehash table macros for creating hash table functions, it supports any type key, value, hash Remy Noulin2022-03-21 21:08
simpleTemplatesLibrary for processing templates Remy Noulin2020-06-05 04:13
ringdynamic ring array Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:43
recordStdinmeasure time between line coming from stdin, example: ls | recordStdin | tee ls.txt Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:43
prettyprettify json or yml files by printing an indented json Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:43
ppsimple preprocessor for any type of file (command) Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:42
preprocessorsimple preprocessor for any type of file Remy Noulin2020-06-06 10:33
playStdinplay recorded stdin with the commnad recordStdin. Time delays between lines are kept Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:42
filelockclass for locking files in filesystem Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:41
iniAn ini configuration file parser Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:41
doglist directory when argument is a directory, cat file when the argument is a file Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:40
dmcedmce compares code coverage to changed lines in a git repo Remy Noulin2019-10-23 12:42
clispinnerA simple cli spinner. Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:40
blockFileSave data in chunked in blocks in a file for creating databases Remy Noulin2021-08-08 12:07
lz4lz4 sheepy package Remy Noulin2019-08-06 06:03
straceMallocstracing malloc Remy Noulin2018-04-06 14:46
dynamicArraygeneral purpose dynamic array for one element type Remy Noulin2018-02-03 13:23
moonjsExamplesmoonjs example (from tutorial) Remy Noulin2017-11-27 14:26
koreMoonKore io example with moonjs and websockets Remy Noulin2017-11-22 10:13
mdcat markdown files with syntax highlighting Remy Noulin2023-01-20 12:12
md4cC Markdown parser. Fast. SAX-like interface. Compliant to CommonMark specification. Remy Noulin2023-01-20 12:05
dmceDemodmce demo Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:40
easydoneit-cliEasydoneit cli is a simple task manager for terminals. Remy Noulin2014-10-20 18:56
md2htmlMarkdown to HTML converter Remy Noulin2019-06-29 07:42
checkPackagesUtility for checking libsheepy version used when compiling the packages in local shpPackages Remy Noulin2021-08-08 13:00
httpRedirectDaemon that redirects http GET requests on port 80 to a specified url (https) Remy Noulin2019-05-25 16:20
base64Base64 encoder and decoder Remy Noulin2020-08-14 19:32
forbForb is static blog generator inspired by jekyll Remy Noulin2021-01-05 20:33
textPixelDisplay images in terminal Remy Noulin2020-10-03 19:03
git-statsCommand line utility showing plots of git commits over time in the terminal Remy Noulin2021-06-05 14:44
txt2CstringCommand for converting text to C string notation \n for new line, hexadecimal notation for non printable characters Remy Noulin2022-03-23 20:49
textDrawUtility for drawing diagram in unicode with a json file format Remy Noulin2022-04-24 06:35
tuyauClient/server for transfering files (like cp) Remy Noulin2022-09-02 18:13
sodiumTestLibsodium examples, client/server system Remy Noulin2022-09-30 20:42
csvFmtDisplay csv file with formating Remy Noulin2022-10-03 10:21
termfontDisplay characters with unicode quadrants and halfblock Remy Noulin2022-12-01 10:36
spartservSimple client and server for the spartan protocol Remy Noulin2023-04-21 06:58