This blog is mainly articles about Linux and programming. It is updated about once a month.

You can access this blog on the web and with gemini.

About me

I am a software engineer working for an international IT group in Sweden, I have been working with ASIC design for 14 years and since 2014 I have been working with software development.

I have got my first computer in 1983 and since then used a wide range of hardware and operating systems starting in 1983. Nowadays, I mainly use Linux at home and at work.

I had a minitel in 1985 and the services I was using the most were:

I have been using the internet since 1995 when I connected with a 14.4 bauds modem. In 1999 I had my first permamenent internet connection at 10MB. I started using mobile internet in 2001, my mobile phone was connected to the laptop with infrared.


Operating Systems:

How this blog is generated

I use the static blog generator called forb. Forb is written in C and build with sheepy, you can find the source code for forb at: forb git

Built with

The site is built with:

About markdown

The markdown standard in forb is CommonMark with tables.

  • Table example:
| Line 1, Column A - Title line in Bold | Column B - Title line in Bold |
| Line 2, A | 2B |

  • Link to external page:
  • Image in post:

When baseurl="/blog", write:
  • Link to another post in blog:
[another post](/blog{% post_url POST_FILENAME_WITHOUT_MARKDOWN_EXTENSION %})

Keep "/blog", forb replaces it with the value in _config.yml,
after post_url write the post filename to be linked without ".markdown":
[another post](/blog{% post_url 2020-06-09-getting-started %})