I have got from work a baseline list of word for more inclusive language. It contains selected words with biased interpretation, that we no longer want use.

Unacceptable term - Defined replacement  -  Suggested context
Master/Slave        Primary/Secondary       Context of control
                   Primary/Replica,        Context of duplication or
                   Main/Replica            inheritance
                   Active/Standby          Context of state
                   Leader/Follower         Context of control

Whitelist/Blacklist Allowlist/Blocklist     Context of access, listing values
                                          for which access is allowed/denied
                   Acceptlist/Excludelist  Context of use, listing values that
                                          can always be used/cannot be used.

Greylist            Tracklist, Inspectlist

Black delivery      Temporary delivery (internal)
                   Restricted delivery (internal)
                   Internal delivery
                   Beta delivery

White delivery      Official delivery
                   Production delivery