Google Calendar is modifying the data I enter. In my calendar, I had events with links in the description and Google changed the link to redirect to their servers. That's bad spying.

And in Gmail, the links in the email messages are also redirected to Google servers.

Google search is doing the same redirect so I use the Google Search Fix plugin in firefox to restore the expected behavior.

All these redirects allow Google to monitor when and who clicks on links.

To prevent this spying:

  • I moved my calendar to my private nextcloud instance, see setting up nextcloud
  • I run my own mail server and use my phone, mutt and thunderbird as clients, see why email?
  • I search the web with duckduckgo html version which works well with w3m

I quit using Gmail because of authentication problems. I can't log into my account with the correct password on a new device, I did't enable 2FA and don't share my mobile phone number with Google. So it doen't work for me.