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2022-06-14 09:17vim: show tabs and expand tabsRemy Noulin1+6-1
2022-05-03 09:48add gui mail and newsgroup clients: thunderbird and claws-mailRemy Noulin1+1-1
2022-05-03 07:53create home tmp directory in debian setupRemy Noulin1+1-0
2022-05-03 07:41add newsgroup client in debian setupRemy Noulin1+1-1
2022-01-18 11:20show modified and added files in git diffRemy Noulin1+1-1
2022-01-14 09:35add a setting in vimrc to return to last edit position when opening filesRemy Noulin1+7-0
2022-01-04 13:39show modified and added files in git showRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-11-28 15:04update bash aliases for freebsdRemy Noulin1+10-6
2021-11-24 14:17add gv git alias to list changed files between a commit and HEADRemy Noulin1+1-0
2021-11-01 20:32add -y for apt-get, remove missing packages in bullseye, fix timg build, remove user agent from w3m config because some services dont work anymoreRemy Noulin2+8-4
2021-10-11 10:27change vim status line to show buffer number and total line numberRemy Noulin1+11-11
2021-10-06 11:07change h alias, open history in less and go to the last lineRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-07-25 13:21add xfonts-terminus for my terminal configurationRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-07-05 19:12add straceRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-07-05 18:26add tty-clockRemy Noulin2+2-1
2021-06-25 13:51add msmtp package from sending mails with muttRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-06-25 13:32add git config for push and pullRemy Noulin2+6-2
2021-06-12 12:41update clang package versions to 11 in debian (buster)Remy Noulin2+2-2
2021-04-25 19:35add fbi to view images in the linux consoleRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-04-19 08:19Add F3 to toggle paste mode in vimrcRemy Noulin1+1-0
2021-04-01 08:21fix typo in webs.shRemy Noulin1+1-1
2021-04-01 08:16change url for web searchRemy Noulin1+5-2
2020-12-17 19:20add cscope in debianRemy Noulin2+166-1
2020-12-12 19:28install lolcat c version instead rubyRemy Noulin1+10-14
2020-11-18 13:17add gaa alias for git commit -a --amend (add files and amend)Remy Noulin1+1-0
2020-11-04 21:07update for debian bullseyeRemy Noulin2+19-19
2020-09-17 13:08add LSH to show libsheepy.h, add LSHO to show libsheepyObject.h and add scim to start sc-imRemy Noulin1+3-0
2020-09-03 09:05copy (for searching web from cli) to /usr/local/bin in debian/1-system.shRemy Noulin1+2-0
2020-09-03 08:07fix pick build, autoconf is not needed anymore and libncurses5-dev is a dependencyRemy Noulin1+1-1
2020-06-22 12:38fix path to st configurationRemy Noulin1+1-1
2020-06-22 12:08remove alias tar="tar --use-compress-program=pbzip2"Remy Noulin1+0-1
2020-06-22 11:55fix clang install, add cd.. after sheepy installRemy Noulin1+3-2
2020-06-21 09:50centos: use dnf in qs, qd and qw aliasesRemy Noulin2+5-5
2020-06-20 11:06use dnf instead of yum, setup video plugins for firefoxRemy Noulin3+24-17
2020-05-31 14:02fix bug preventing pick and yank installsRemy Noulin2+2-0
2020-05-29 18:22fix bug preventing pick and yank installsRemy Noulin1+1-0
2020-05-11 18:11updates for debian busterRemy Noulin3+9-8
2020-05-10 20:24add xterm indent and vi alias for rhel 8 / centos 8Remy Noulin3+4-3
2020-05-10 19:37add bash configuration for rhel 8 / centos 8Remy Noulin2+257-0
2020-05-10 18:47add rhel 8 / centos 8 configurationRemy Noulin10+332-0
2020-05-08 18:08add freebsd setupRemy Noulin6+394-0
2019-10-17 11:07add 'c' to 'cd' to highest dir in path, add 'pl' to list highest dir in path, add 'le' alias for lessRemy Noulin5+10-0
2019-08-29 12:30add setup to show whitespaces in vimRemy Noulin1+4-0
2019-08-17 11:47improve arch linux configurationRemy Noulin5+263-4
2019-07-10 07:20add N for cloning git from noulin.netRemy Noulin3+4-0
2019-07-02 13:39remove scrollbar in mlterm i3 configRemy Noulin1+2-1
2019-07-02 13:11add mlterm configRemy Noulin3+6-0
2019-07-01 05:46change libsheepy user guide url in ug.shRemy Noulin1+1-1
2019-06-29 07:44update linksRemy Noulin6+9-9
2019-05-05 06:16add ug alias for sheepy user guideRemy Noulin3+4-0
2019-02-23 14:44allow vop.c to open files in vim without line numbersRemy Noulin1+7-4
2019-02-12 07:10set F6 for file pick in vimRemy Noulin1+1-1
2019-02-11 19:57add vb alias ti find and pick, add vn for git ls-files and pickRemy Noulin1+2-0
2019-02-11 19:50fix gop: replace noc with sedRemy Noulin1+1-1
2019-02-11 19:46add gop to grep and open fileRemy Noulin2+2-0
2019-02-11 19:41use vop executable instead to handle stdinRemy Noulin2+1-1
2019-02-11 19:21support stdin in vop.cRemy Noulin2+43-5
2019-02-11 18:33fix pick installRemy Noulin1+2-0
2019-02-11 16:32add pick and yankRemy Noulin2+16-0
2019-02-06 09:35add vop command to open file at specified line: vop FILENAME:LINE:TEXT or emptyRemy Noulin3+17-0
2019-01-25 18:21add d and da aliases for gdb tui and argsRemy Noulin1+2-0
2019-01-22 09:09unset locale forwarded by sshRemy Noulin1+3-0
2019-01-15 13:43add cs alias to show comma separated value (csv) files in the terminalRemy Noulin1+1-0
2019-01-09 13:41add xterm config in i3/config, mod+b to start xtermRemy Noulin1+6-0
2019-01-07 14:07add gcl alias for git cleanRemy Noulin1+1-0
2019-01-04 09:05remove double z aliasRemy Noulin1+0-1
2019-01-04 09:04add z alias for sheepyRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-12-24 09:37add gad alias for git addRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-12-24 09:33add gig alias to copy .gitignore template: 'gig .' to copy to cwdRemy Noulin6+68-8
2018-12-10 15:09add support for dragonflyBSDRemy Noulin8+363-0
2018-12-09 09:08add OpenBSD setupRemy Noulin11+633-0
2018-11-29 16:09add gdf alias to list changed filenames between commitsRemy Noulin5+9-0
2018-11-24 19:39change noc (command removing control codes in texts)Remy Noulin5+1-5
2018-11-23 20:48add gle alias to list email between 2 commits in a git repoRemy Noulin6+13-38
2018-11-03 15:20add vim align pluginRemy Noulin1+2-0
2018-11-01 01:48add gj alias, gj file for file historyRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-10-28 20:19add w3m configRemy Noulin4+155-0
2018-10-28 12:40replace vim with vim-nox for scripting supportRemy Noulin2+2-2
2018-10-28 12:33add git off, update no gui setup, set diff-so-fancy configRemy Noulin3+27-21
2018-10-28 09:13add in updateHomeNoGuiRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-10-24 20:29add ref to show libsheepy reference, change sequence quit insert sequence from ;; to jkRemy Noulin5+6-1
2018-10-10 19:55add zm and ze aliases for sheepy -m and -eRemy Noulin1+2-0
2018-09-25 09:26aliaes: add td for tree -d and gia for git commit --amendRemy Noulin1+2-0
2018-09-20 12:27debian desktop: install chromium-browserRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-09-17 15:59add whal alias for which aliasRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-09-17 15:56add sT alias for spmTui amd grt alias for git remote -vRemy Noulin1+2-0
2018-09-16 13:38add ssw spm show aliasRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-09-16 08:00update al to have only one output stream to be able to grepRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-09-16 07:53add sheepy aliases and al to show all aliasesRemy Noulin1+22-1
2018-09-13 11:40add ,c for edi catRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-09-12 12:23setup git in root correctlyRemy Noulin2+6-12
2018-09-12 09:14fix webs aliasRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-09-11 13:58add packagesRemy Noulin1+2-1
2018-09-11 12:25change bash prompt to make it easier to copy current pathRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-09-08 08:52add git offRemy Noulin4+16-0
2018-09-08 08:31install sheepy examplesRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-09-08 08:24add debian no gui setupRemy Noulin3+108-0
2018-08-30 13:31rename gr command to gre (recursive grep) because it conflicts with gr git remove branchRemy Noulin4+3-3
2018-08-30 12:53use duckduckgo for searchRemy Noulin1+4-2
2018-08-29 09:27add ws for web search and fuller option in git aliasesRemy Noulin1+3-2
2018-08-21 06:45replace mutt-pactched with mutt since mutt-patched doesnt exist in stretchRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-08-20 15:45install mutt-patchedRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-08-19 11:01add noc command to remove ansi escape codes from textRemy Noulin4+4-0
2018-08-17 15:18vim: add comment in .vimrcRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-08-17 14:56remove duplicated lines in .bashrcRemy Noulin1+0-4
2018-08-17 14:43vim: add CTRL F7 to quit all, update the remove comment script to support both python2 and python3Remy Noulin2+7-2
2018-08-17 14:15add alias vd vimdif, qs apt search qd show qw install and shift F7 to quit all in vimRemy Noulin2+7-0
2018-08-17 13:54set TERM to xterm in screen and tmux to support the mouse in w3mRemy Noulin2+3-0
2018-08-17 13:18vim: move git commit remove comment from \ to ,Remy Noulin1+1-1
2018-08-17 11:29add gr to delete git branch and F7 to quit vimRemy Noulin2+2-0
2018-08-10 11:39add git stash aliases: gst and gstaRemy Noulin1+2-0
2018-07-29 13:23vim: change space to return in normal mode to insert, add F9/F10 to tab prev/nextRemy Noulin1+6-1
2018-07-27 07:49vim: fix problem with paste yankedRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-07-27 07:04vim: add paste last yanked \ and |Remy Noulin1+3-0
2018-07-26 09:37vim: add F1, ;; and ` for Esc and Space for insert modeRemy Noulin1+6-0
2018-07-23 08:39vim: map ; to :Remy Noulin1+3-0
2018-07-16 12:43add git submodule update in gittemplates post-checkoutRemy Noulin1+2-0
2018-07-16 09:41termux: remove xolox/vim-easytags, ctags not availableRemy Noulin2+210-1
2018-07-16 09:32update readmeRemy Noulin1+4-0
2018-07-16 09:02termux: install openssh instead of dropbearRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-07-15 08:47remove gittemplates in termux because sponge is missingRemy Noulin1+3-2
2018-07-14 18:05add termux setupRemy Noulin11+566-0
2018-07-14 16:54fix config bugRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-07-09 13:43add F4 to save in normal mode in .vimrcRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-07-09 13:38add F4 to save in .vimrcRemy Noulin1+7-0
2018-07-05 09:26vim: add f for function namesRemy Noulin1+11-0
2018-07-04 10:57add gs (git show) aliasRemy Noulin1+1-0
2018-07-02 08:57add gb, gc and hRemy Noulin1+3-0
2018-05-22 08:23add gr command: grep recursively string in current directoryRemy Noulin3+3-0
2018-05-22 08:20add gf command: git forward master branchRemy Noulin3+8-0
2018-05-12 13:51remove missing packagesRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-05-12 13:42remove missing packageRemy Noulin1+1-1
2018-04-17 18:33partial setup for Arch LinuxRemy Noulin (Spartatek)8+288-0
2018-03-28 13:20add autojumpRemy Noulin2+3-1
2018-03-02 14:39add dirdiff in vimRemy Noulin1+946-0
2018-02-10 22:05add etckeeperRemy Noulin1+6-1
2018-01-09 18:40change alias to ...Remy Noulin1+1-1
2018-01-05 16:26add mk command to create and cd a dirRemy Noulin3+4-0
2018-01-02 10:16add .. and .... in aliasesRemy Noulin1+2-0
2017-12-31 18:42add locateRemy Noulin1+1-1
2017-11-25 16:22fix wrong pathRemy Noulin1+1-1
2017-11-22 13:18improve systemSetupCommit.shRemy Noulin1+2-0
2017-11-22 13:16fix diffHomeRemy Noulin1+2-1
2017-11-22 12:28add sheepyRemy Noulin1+6-0
2017-11-22 12:24add diff script to find missing updates in configsRemy Noulin5+73-14
2017-11-21 15:22add alias z for sheepyRemy Noulin1+1-0
2017-11-19 19:44add gcov syntax highlighting for vimRemy Noulin1+72-0
2017-11-17 12:27update installed software listRemy Noulin1+1-1
2017-11-17 11:28add diff-so-fancy and r alias for rangerRemy Noulin3+26-0
2017-11-07 10:15add gd for git diffRemy Noulin1+1-0
2017-11-04 12:15add bash aliases for gitRemy Noulin1+2-0
2017-11-04 12:05add bash aliases for gitRemy Noulin1+8-0
2017-10-16 12:36add massif-visualizer valkyrieRemy Noulin1+1-1
2017-09-26 11:24change ranger colors for dark terminalsRemy Noulin2+153-1
2017-09-26 11:04add highlight for highlighting in rangerRemy Noulin1+1-1
2017-09-19 08:23add syntax highlighting in lessRemy Noulin2+4-1
2017-09-05 08:11add vim-vue highlightingremy1+2-0
2017-08-17 11:51add 'new' command to create new scriptsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)4+41-34
2017-08-12 19:14add mkdocsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-08-12 12:33add local bash aliasesremy1+4-0
2017-08-08 13:17add fzf.vimRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+3-0
2017-08-08 12:21add ctagsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-08-07 15:03add csv alias to open csv files in terminalRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-0
2017-08-04 14:17add net-tools for ifconfig, route...Remy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-08-04 11:10add aliases in .bashrcRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+3-0
2017-08-02 08:18add default yes in README apt-get installRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-08-01 12:02add dmenuRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-08-01 11:29remove unetbootin and usb-creator-gtk since they are not available in debian stretchRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-28 07:53add vim visual mode selection highlightingRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+2-0
2017-07-26 08:25add linebreak in vimrc for word wrapRemy Noulin (Spartatek)2+2-0
2017-07-25 12:14add comment in .vimrc about easytagsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+2-0
2017-07-24 14:41add delimiter symbols for st suckless terminalRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-24 07:41add ssh config to keep alive connectionsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)47+11-4
2017-07-22 10:02fix dotfile pathRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-22 09:44add gpg configuration for pinentry in terminalRemy Noulin (Spartatek)4+5-1
2017-07-21 14:14add mini-dinstallRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-20 12:52add python-nose2-covRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-18 14:04add stuff in gdbinitRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+2-0
2017-07-18 08:25vim: display status line and filenameRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+4-0
2017-07-17 12:18fix vimrcRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-17 11:38add F12 for toggling syntasticRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+3-0
2017-07-17 08:39add programsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+4-4
2017-07-16 20:28fix readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-16 20:27add because adds a secondary groupRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+17-12
2017-07-16 20:15remove extra commands in readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+0-4
2017-07-16 20:12add program list in readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+9-2
2017-07-16 20:03make docker install more stableRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+2-1
2017-07-16 19:59improve readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+6-22
2017-07-16 19:56improve readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+22-1
2017-07-16 19:51fix readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+2-2
2017-07-16 19:48fix docker setupRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+16-2
2017-07-16 19:18fix st compilationRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+5-4
2017-07-16 18:51fix bugsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+16-8
2017-07-16 18:16add muttRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-16 18:09improve startRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+6-3
2017-07-16 18:02add easydoneit search engine docker vim pluginsRemy Noulin (Spartatek)6+120-0
2017-07-16 14:24add cloc ag rg ripgrep ncdu sc-im timg thefuck palemoon virtualbox lsix fzfRemy Noulin (Spartatek)6+68-3
2017-07-16 12:49install dev packages for st non-interactivelyRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-2
2017-07-16 12:47add suckless st simple terminalRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+443-1
2017-07-16 10:39fix vim configurationRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+26-2
2017-07-16 10:22copy dotfiles to home folderRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+7-3
2017-07-16 10:12add mkdirRemy Noulin (Spartatek)2+7-1
2017-07-16 09:59add homedir setupRemy Noulin (Spartatek)62+3114-5
2017-07-15 20:59fix desktop setupRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+2-1
2017-07-15 20:52remove jigdo-lite (not available in stretch)Remy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-15 20:51fix errorRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+1-1
2017-07-15 20:43remove rar for default installRemy Noulin (Spartatek)1+5-1
2017-07-15 20:23chmodRemy Noulin (Spartatek)2+0-0
2017-07-15 20:22install debian packagesRemy Noulin (Spartatek)3+14-2
2017-07-15 14:53add readmeRemy Noulin (Spartatek)2+15-0
2017-07-15 14:44Initial commitRemy Noulin1+21-0